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Welcome to footwear heaven! Here on our website, you can find almost anything related to footwear. Confused about a new pair of shoes, and looking for authentic and reliable reviews? We got your back! Well, you’ve bought new shoes but don’t know how to take care of them. We got your back! YES, Top Pick Footwear is that versatile! And Do you want to know who is behind that initiative? Its me Brian Haris, a professional footwear specialist who is very passionate about his work and here to serve you with exactly what you want.

Here you can find sufficient footwear related information collected from various strong sources. Brain Haris himself test the shoes before he put out any information on this website.

If you go through our website, you will see we have praised and criticized different shoes. This proves nothing but how unbiased we are. We put all the necessary information a consumer needs to know before spending the money. We are determined to save you from buying the wrong footwear so that your valuable money doesn’t go to waste. With full honesty, we review the shoes one by one so you don’t have to. You can put your full trust in us and pick the best footwear for yourself.

  What makes us different from other footwear review blogs or websites, we not only talk about footwear and how good or bad they are for you. We also talk about how you should clean them, store them, make them durable, etc. At the same time, we care about your foot. You can find pain-relieving, foot-supporting, or any foot-related equipment usage and tips and tricks to help you perform better. Basically, we cover everything that you need to know about the betterment of your feet. Top Pick Footwear is your complete guide to help you find the best footwear from any category you can imagine.

From running shoes to hunting shoes, to dress shoes, or even sandals to wear on the beach, here you can find any type of footwear reviews. As we have received several positive feedback, and still receiving them, we are extremely confident with how we are providing our services.

We are continuously trying to enrich this website with up-to-date footwear reviews and footwear guidelines and willing to do the same in the future. You can also subscribe to our website for the most recent updates. We intend to resolve any of your problems with finding the right footwear and other related issues. With your immense support, we dream to serve you with more relevant content and make your life easier.