Are Doc Martens Boots and Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

Doc martens People with wide feet always need TLC for their feet. You cannot be harsh on them for being different. Do you think you have wider feet compared to others? It is totally natural and absolutely alright. For those who have wider feet, the width of their heels is pretty similar to others, but the wider forefeet or toes are what create the difference. Wide feet also have more volume, meaning they have more depth. So as you can guess, you cannot wear shoes that everyone wears. You have to be extra careful when shopping for wide shoes. There are so many specialized shoes you can find in the market. Doc Martens is one of them.

But the question is- are Doc Martens good for wide feet? Let’s find out.

Doc Martens boots and shoes have plenty of space in the forefoot area. So if you have some extra volume and width in your feet, you can surely wear a pair of doc martens with comfort. Plus, Doc Martens designs their shoes and boots to support both normal and wide feet. Because these shoes run wide in general, they are very good for wide feet.

Why are doc martens good for wide feet?

The Doc Martens bootz are also commonly known as Dr. Martens, DMs, or Docs. This British footwear and clothing brand has an enriched history of satisfied consumers and quality products. After WWII, Dr. Klaus Maertens had a broken foot, and to recover faster he made a pair of shoes with the help of a salvaged cobbler’s last and a needle. Soon in 1947, he and his friend went to formally produce these shoes for business purposes.

At first, the goal was to provide comfort to the wearers. But soon the Doc Martens became a fashion statement. Over the years, these shoes have had a special place in the alternative culture. Metal, nu-metal, grunge, punk, and rock music lovers and musicians appreciate leather boots and Doc Martens have the ability to provide just the thing they want. So yes, because of their unique look and design, these boots have their own cult followers. Nowadays this brand has become an icon in music festival culture. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can wear them only in concerts, these bad boys are just fine for a walk around the city streets as well.

So what about the versatility of their boots and shoes? Are they really suitable for wide feet? Well, unlike most of the footwear, especially boots in the market, actually comes in regular shape. Neither for narrow feet nor for wide feet. So people with wide feet oftentimes struggle with finding the right shoes for them. Doc Martens have the solution for them! They manufacture the coolest and the comfiest footwear in the world. As an ideal pair of shoes, doc martens are extremely durable and long-lasting, and most importantly, they do run big.

Originally, the Doc Martens shoes were designed for therapeutic purposes. We have to praise their cushy, springy, and comfortable soles – these have been a hallmark since the beginning. So there’s no question about their comfortability and performance even if you have wide feet. One uniqueness we all appreciate is the roomy forefeet and toes. Doesn’t matter what your foot shape is, DMs will provide the support you need. Although there are several styles available on the official website, which style is right for wide feet?

To answer your question, it depends from person to person. Some Doc Martens users swear by the original leather boots for being the most comfortable, while the others suggest the soft leather brogues. We would highly recommend you try multiple styles and sizes before you make your purchase. Another impressive factor of Dr. Martens’s boots is their super-agreeable arch support. It’s something you don’t see every day in other shoes. That’s why they are perfect for those who can’t wear raised arches.

Facts You should consider for choosing doc martin wide width shoes:

Just because the DMs hold a superiority due to their high quality and functionality doesn’t mean you can just go and blindly buy a pair for yourself. You need to be extra careful if you’re buying one for your wide feet. So here are the few things you should consider as heads-up.

Doc Martens can cause terrible blisters if not broken properly. The majority of users endure a few blisters at first. To prevent that you can wear soft socks or pads inside the shoes for protection. You can also wear them at first when you know you won’t be out for too long. As blisters can be extremely painful, make sure you break your shoes before you go to a concert. If you have wide feet, be extra cautious about the hard leather ones as they take more time to get adjusted to your feet. You see, they will hurt more than the softer shoes. For some people, the breaking can take about a month or so. And for others, it can take only one or two wears. So the answer to how long they take to get comfortable actually depends on the materials and of course, your foot.

Indeed, the break-in process takes a bit long, but once that period is over, the shoes will turn into your most favorite comfortable footwear. You will even grab them when you go for a hike. The springy, air-cushiony soles are super durable. If you look after them properly, they will last you more than 2-3 years.

Now you might be wondering, which one will be the right size for you? Should you go a size up or a size down if you have wide feet? Well, these chunky shoes are proven to be true to size, so wear your regular size, because all of their shoes are designed to support wide feet. Since it’s a UK brand, the sizes come as per UK footwear sizes. So here’s a pro tip- if you’re between sizes, meaning sometimes you war size 7 and sometimes 7.5, we’d suggest you go for a size below because they are already made for providing a generous fit.


Finding the perfect, on-trend shoes or boots in wide widths might not be your favorite sport simply because they are hard to find. You need to do a lot of browsing for that. Well, to make that process easier, we have pointed out the pros of cons of Doc Martens that will be a great choice for your wide feet. So let us assure you, you won’t regret buying a pair for yourself.

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