Are Flat Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

flat shoes bad for feet

Flat shoes are very comfortable, aren’t they? And, who doesn’t love to put on a pair of flat shoes for a random day out? You can see people wear flats all the time, but flats are mostly used for traveling, walking on the beach, shopping, running errands, etc. You must be thinking there’s no harm in wearing flat shoes for these purposes. But in reality, your favorite comfortable flats are damaging your feet. Surprised and confused?

Do you love to wear flats whenever you go out? So, are flat shoes really bad for your feet?  Well, friend, I have bad news for you. Flat shoes are not good for your health. Even they can be your worst enemy when it comes to your feet and toes’ long-term health. Keep on scrolling to know further how good or bad flat shoes are.

Indeed, wearing flats is much better and comfortable than wearing super high heels and there are many studies out there to support this statement. But researchers have recently found out flat shoes can cause harm to your feet. Believe it or not, they can be equally or more damaging than high heels. Shocking, right? Your jaws will drop if you know the reasons behind the dark side of wearing flats. If you’re a regular flat-wearer, brace yourself for the facts you’re about to know. And, for those who were about to switch to flats, think twice before you buy a pair of flat shoes.

Why flat shoes are bad for your feet?

There are several upsetting facts and aftermaths of wearing non-supportive flat shoes. Let’s find out how bad they are.

The top reason behind Plantar Fasciitis:

As you know, this is a condition that occurs due to the inflammation of the fascia which is right at the bottom of your feet and runs across from your toes to your heel bones. When your feet don’t get plenty of arch support, the ligament and the tendons often overstretch. Sad but true, this happens when you wear unsupportive flat shoes, i.e.- old sneakers or flip-flops, etc. Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis know how painful it can be. A constant unbearable sharp pain underfoot from morning till night- explains a lot why flat shoes are bad for your feet.

Fallen arches and torn tendons:

Okay, now we’re going to tell you something really scary. Overly flat shoes have the capability to make you a cripple. As mentioned before, plantar fasciitis can cause overstretched tendons. And, sadly, overstretched tendons can tear your tendons. Terrifying, right? So, yes, flat shoes can make you completely incapacitated. Moreover, it will make your arch fall, and as a result, you will overpronate when you walk or run. You will lose your natural gait or movement.


Flat shoes generally have thin soles. So when you take steps wearing those supportless shoes, your heel bones engage with an excessive amount of pressure. This can cause blisters on your Achilles tendon, as a lot of rubbing goes on when you walk. The painful blisters due to repetitive up-and-down rubbing make it impossible to walk properly.

Excessive pressure on heels:

Shoes that don’t have any sole support put a lot of pressure on your heel bones. If your wear shoes that don’t attenuate shock, your heels absorb that. After a long time, this excessive pressure can lead to heel spur, tendonitis, nerve irritation, etc.

Bone infection and ingrown toenails:

Wearing closed-toe tight flat shoes puts too much pressure and squeezes on your toenails. Over time, your nails can bend at a certain angle and start growing downwards, resulting in ingrown nail tissue. Although it can be due to genetic, fungal infections, improper nail trimming, etc factors. Chronic ingrown toenail infection can spread to your bones causing massive health issues.

Painful Back, Hip, and Knees:

As we said, flats can be equally bad as sky-high heels. Flip-flops, sandals- shoes like these can cause low to high pain in your knees, hip and back. As if, just foot pain wasn’t enough. Now, this? Flat shoes can’t give you any support you desire while walking or running. So what happens is- the impacts get absorbed by your feet and they travel through your keens to your hips and from that to your back. Painful back, hip, and knees will make your entire movement very difficult. You may even lose your basic mobility. You don’t want that, do you?

What kind of shoes are best for your feet?

Of course, there are a lot of solutions available to you if you don’t want to be a victim of flat shoes. We’re not suggesting you have to wear uncomfortable high heels. What you should do is-

Wear shoes that provide arch support. This is very important if you don’t want to have plantar fasciitis. Shoes with arch support alleviate your arch and prevent overpronation and bring back your natural gait with time.

Wear shock-absorbing shoes. Shoes that attenuates shock are the best as they don’t let your feet come across the bad impacts. The shock-absorbing soles protect your feet like a shield. Heavy cushioning and padded shoes are the best in that case.

Make sure your closed-toed flat shoes don’t squeeze your toes. Give your toes some space to enjoy flexible bending as you walk or run.

Choose low or block-heeled shoes if you’re not ready to go for orthopedic shoes yet. Shoes with sturdy and thick 1-2” heels are way better than completely flat ones. So, for your foot health pick your shoes wisely.

Wear shoes that have proper cushioning support.  In that case, memory foam shoes are best for flat feet.


In conclusion, flat shoes are really bad and unhealthy for your feet. The comfort and relaxation these shoes give you are very temporary as later it will be your biggest enemy. So, say goodbye to those flats you own and start wearing the right shoes. If you’re already facing consequences for wearing flats, then we suggest you see a podiatrist or doctor and start wearing the prescribed orthopedic shoes for the longevity of your feet. Good luck!



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