Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof [ You need to Know]

Are Hey Dude shoes waterpoofThink of a pair of shoes that can illuminate your casual style in every season. Can you think of any shoes you already own? No? Then you definitely need the ever-popular Hey Dude shoes. So why are they so popular? Well, their Wally-style shoes have won everyone’s heart internationally. The design is so versatile and unique that it soon got the recognition it truly deserves.

Now you must be wondering, what are the Wally shoes? Are they comfy? Are Hey Dude shoes waterproof? To know the answers to all of your questions, keep on reading!

Unfortunately Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof. But you can easily wash them and you won’t even have to wait for days for them to get dried. Due to their perforated canvas material, the shoes get dry quickly. Packed with comfort and a stylish outlook, the shoes are durable and long-lasting.

What are Hey Dude Shoes?

Originally invented in Italy in 2008, Hey Dude has gained popularity pretty fast whereas the other brands take decades to attract a big number of customers. Due to digital globalization and technological advancement, Hey Dude could soon reach customers internationally. They are the epitome of classy yet casual style and ultra-lightweight comfort. The shoes are designed to shape up to your feet and move the same way you do.

One of the most uniquely designed shoe is manufactured by Hey Dude. These shoes are nothing like your usual traditional casual shoes.

‘Hey Dude’ is the synonym for sustainability. Why so? Well, starting from the shoe materials and packaging, everything about their shoes is environment-friendly. The polybag used for packaging and shoe hangers – are all made from 100% cornstarch. They are safe to use as they’re biodegradable. They have also found cool ways to collect and incorporate plastics and old scraps and utilize them for the production of their shoes.

For the midsoles, Hey Dude uses memory foam which we all know amazingly soft and comfy they are. The soles of the shoes are made of EVA which is known for providing flexibility and bounce as you move. Some of their shoes contain recycled open-cell EVA. This particular foam ensures better air circulation. They also add in some coconut oil to help reduce odor.

The polyester the shoes feature is actually 100% recycled P.E.T fibers that have been repurposed from plastic bottles. The leather they use is also recycled. They fuse the fabric scraps and hide together. This process requires 90% less water usage than usual, meaning, less carbon footprint. Even the cotton they use is organic- also produced using less water, and of course, without any harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizer. How thoughtful is that?!

Hey Dude shoes are known for great comfort and flexibility. They are produced in a way that everyone can accommodate their feet in them. Whether you have wide feet or normal feet, you can easily wear a pair of Hey Dude shoes. So about the people who have narrow feet? Well, if you have narrow feet, you can wear them too. Let us explain.

The brand’s signature style and design are a lot different than any of the other shoes in the market. But the design might remind you of traditional loafers, yet they have multiple dissimilarities. One of the distinctive features is their lace-up system. The bungee cord style elastic lace is designed to move the same way you stride. No matter how critical your feet movement is, the shoes will stay secured. Another major plus point is that you can easily slip them on and take them off. This sure does save a lot of time and energy. The shoelaces don’t need to be tied every time you put on or take off the shoe. But if you need to do some adjustments, like make the shoes fit tighter or looser, all you have to do is adjust the stoppers of the laces that hold them in place. Once the shoes fit perfectly to your feet, the stoppers will keep the shoes from slipping when you walk.

Are Hey Dude shoes waterproof?

If your footwear being waterproof is a concern, you might be in the wrong place. Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof. Because of their canvas material, Hey Dudes cannot resist water. Therefore, wearing them on a rainy day will be a bad idea. However, the fabrics of the shoes make them super lightweight, and so they do dry up easily. When you need to clean these bad boys, brush the fabrics and soles first before you throw them in the washer. Use a brush that has soft bristles to remove the dirt and debris from the shoes.

Before you put them in the washing machine, make sure the water is set for cold and has the gentle or hand wash cycle option on. Go for a mild/gentle detergent. When the washer is 3/4 full, add in the Hey Dudes. Don’t forget to take out the insoles before you wet your shoes!
If you want to dry your shoes faster and in the most effective way, you can put them in the sun. This process will also kill the remaining bacteria. If you even drop your shoes in the water or in a pool and if they land sole down, they will float. Thanks to the bouncy EVA soles, Hey Dudes have the ability to float on water!


How much do you think a couple of pairs of socks weigh? Hey Dudes are actually that lightweight! They even have shoes that weigh 5 ounces only. So you can imagine, how relaxing a pair of Hey Dudes can be. Wear them with any casual outfit and rock the style! These shoes will definitely make you stand in the crowd. So why wait? Grab a pair today!

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