Are Karrimor Running Shoes Good for You?

Are karrimor running shoes goodKarrimor, this British brand is known for its iconic running shoes. Established in 1946, Karrimor shoes have gained quite a lot of popularity over the decades. They have provided top-notch high-quality shoes for more than half a century. Unfortunately, in 2004, Karrimor was sold to Sports Direct and since then, the quality of the shoes drastically reduced. Indeed, the quality isn’t the same anymore, but now they have some new ranges of running shoes and each has its own specialty. Karrimor still holds a good place in the market for its name and the super comfortable and sturdy running shoes. Let’s have a clearer idea about this shoe brand and see what style suits you best!

To answer your question, “Are Karrimor running shoes good?”; yes, Karrimor running shoes are stunning! Put them on for a long run, these shoes will deliver what they are designed to do on point. Although in the past few years the company has received some backlash, recently, they have made a 180-degree turn and got back on their feet. Their products are now better than ever! The shoes are much more durable, solid, and extremely comfortable to wear. Do keep in mind, these shoes won’t last for years like a pair of leather shoes. So like an ideal pair of running shoes, Karrimor will last approximately 4-6 months.

Karrimor caters to those who are athletic and interested in outdoor activities, like running, walking, hiking, etc. and so most of the brand’s products (clothing and footwear) are made for whatever environment you want to find yourself in.

It is a lifestyle brand of footwear, clothing, and sports gear that specializes in any kind of outdoor activities, including running. The running shoes Karrimon offers have been loved by people for decades who are young at heart. Both men and women get to enjoy their amazing shoe quality and performance. So why wouldn’t Karrimor running shoes be good? They are absolutely amazing for their impressive design, performance, quality, and comfort. What’s more you can ask for?

 5 Reasons For Why Karrimor Shoes Good for Running

Want to take your running experience to the next level? Karrimor can surely make your wish come true. Currently, Karrimor offers several styles of running shoes— Tempo, Sabre, Caracal, Aion, Zephyr, Rapid, Rapid Support, Duma, and Swift. All of their running shoes are exceptionally lightweight, supportive, and beneficial for the health of your feet.

Besides having first-class quality, Karrimor also offers its products at a very low price. Consumers of Karrimor running shoes enjoy the advantage of the shoes being low-priced, meaning, anyone can afford to enjoy the superior comfort, breathability, and long-lasting wear that these running shoes can provide.

Karrimor running shoes are designed to provide the best comfort to the wearer. Some of the shoes have padded uppers, tongue, and ankle collars. The ones that don’t have pads in the uppers and tongues, have plenty of pads around the ankle for maximum stability and support. Almost all of the Karrimor running shoes have shoelaces that ensure better adjustments. Some runners have wide feet with higher volume, and some have narrow feet with less volume. Anyone, despite their feet shape and size, can fit in these running shoes. The shoelaces let you customize the tightness so they don’t fall off while you’re running. Enjoy the secure and comfortable fit with every step you take.

Apart from the great fastening system, these running shoes by Karrimor have breathable mesh uppers (known for the sufficient perforation) that allow ventilation so your feet remain cool even during the hot summer days. As for underfoot comfort, the Karrimor running shoes come with EVA cushioning insoles that give a bouncy feeling as you stride on the ground. The insoles also cancel out any hotspots you might have while running. Some of the running shoes come with ortholite insoles that are much better than any other insoles.

To keep you on your feet with maximum stability and support, the shoes also come with rugged outsoles that have enough grip. It also keeps you from falling and slipping when the ground is tough. It is not every day you get to know about a shoe brand that sounds promising. Karrimor running shoes are worth a try! You will undoubtedly fall in love with their great performance and the level of comfort.


When it comes to outdoor running gear, there are so many brands you can choose from. There’s no doubt in that. But what if you’re on a tight budget? Or need a shoe temporarily for traveling? Honestly, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Karrimor running shoes. Although the running shoes from other companies can be better in durability and comfort, there is one brand that has been standing the test of time, and that is none other than the ever-popular Karrimor. So give this brand a try. Who knows you might end up being its loyal customer.

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