Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet?

memory foam shoes good for flat feetDo you know almost 20%-30% of the total population in the world has flat feet? In some cases, flat feet are hereditary. But obesity, pregnancy, and other health condition can be the reasons behind flat feet too. Usually, people with flat feet have fallen arches, and they don’t have any arch support and stability when they walk or run. Without proper footwear, people with flat feet can develop chronic foot strain, muscle or soft tissue inflammation, etc. This is why we are going to talk about memory foam shoes- whether they’re good for flat feet or not, let’s find out.

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet?

Obviously, Memory foam shoes are good for people with flat feet. It is because of its memory foam insole. There are also many reasons to wear memory foam shoes for flat-footed people. Even people with regular feet can be benefited from this type of shoes. Now keep reading further to know why it is good for flat feet.


Memory foam is made with polyurethane and some other chemicals which give the foam its density. The foam has bots of micro-cells or holes that are filled with air. When you wear memory foam shoes and put pressure with your feet on the foam, some of the air gets out of it and make room for your flat feet.


Memory foam shoes mean shoes that have insoles made of memory foam. When you step on this type of inner soles, the foam starts acting like a mold and it contour and adjust as per your foot’s shape and structure. So, yes, the memory foam shoes become accustomed to your feet.


Often flat-footed people suffer from various foot pain and diseases like plantar fasciitis. This comes from not wearing a pair of comfortable shoes. Memory foam insoles in shoes provide unimaginable comfort, similar to pillows or mattresses. When you run or walk your flat feet will definitely appreciate the bouncy feeling.


Memory foam is capable of distributing balance as evenly as possible. Despite your running cycle/gait, the pressure will be distributed equally all over the foam for ultimate comfort and you’ll no longer feel pain in the balls of your feet.

Shock absorption:

Memory foam shoes are specially engineered to absorb shock and cancel out any hot spots. The pressure intensity increases when walking, and more when you’re running. Memory foam absorbs the shock from both heel and toes and gives you complete pleasure.

Arch support:

Now time to talk about what we’ve all been waiting for. Arch support is very important for people with flat feet as this is what they lack. As mentioned before, memory foam adjusts and gets accustomed to your feet as per the shape. But here’s another bonus feature, memory foam also works great to lift your fallen arches and adds support to your feet. 

Heals foot pain:

Because of fallen arches, you’re more prone to foot pain and injuries. Without proper footwear, you can have permanent foot problems. This is why try to get used to memory foam, an ultimate guardian angel for your flat feet. Wearing a pair of memory foam shoes will save you from different kind of heel and foot pain caused by strained muscles, stress on the ankle and knee, etc.    

When memory foam shoes are bad for you?

Besides all the advantages, memory foam shoes have some disadvantages too. People who wear memory foam shoes, often complain about their heat retention ability. Even if your shoes have breathable upper, memory foam disrupts the breathability of the shoes. If you wear memory foam shoes on hot summer days, you won’t be comfortable at all because your feet will keep on sweating inside the shoes.

Another time to avoid wearing memory foam shoes is when they’re still wet because of sweat. As the memory foam shoes cannot maintain breathability, it fails to let the odor out as wet. That’s why you need to air-dry the shoes after you take them off. If you don’t dry it properly before wearing it again, your feet will again sweat inside and make an unpleasant smell, which can later allow bacteria and fungus to grow. You don’t want that, do you? So, these are the times when memory foam shoes are bad for you.


If you have flat feet, memory foam shoes can become your best friend. Always remember it’s not a deformity. You just need to take extra good care of your feet. So why don’t you get yourself a pair of memory foam shoes today? Trust me, it will worth every penny! 

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