Are Saucony Shoes Really Good-Why

are saucony shoes good

Who hasn’t heard of Saucony? It is one of the oldest shoe companies in the footwear industry. Named after Saucony Creek, this shoe brand was initially found in 1898. Later in the 1960s, Saucony was sold to Hyde Athletic Industry and by the 1980s Saucony shoes spread all over America. From the 1980s and onward, Saucony became one of the most popular brands as their footwear is comparable to Nike or Asics ones. But are Saucony shoes good? Or how good are they? Let’s find out!

Ever since Saucony’s establishment, the brand has never disappointed its customers. To this day, Saucony is highly known for its top-quality athletic and running shoes. All this fame and reputation weren’t achieved in a day easily. Of course, they provided customers with the best quality Saucony shoes, and that’s how they received all the love and support. So, yes, Saucony shoes are really good.

What is impressive is that this brand can offer footwear to all kinds of customers for all types of purposes, despite the variety of choices. Their target market is huge, and as a result, they can provide their product and service to a great range of people.  

Why Are Saucony Shoes Good?

Besides the company’s good image, Saucony is ruling the footwear industry in the twenty-first century. But why are Saucony shoes good? What are the properties of their shoes that made the brand so popular?


One of Saucony’s main concerns was to make their shoes extremely comfortable to wear. Many Saucony shoe models are made with lightweight mesh uppers. They keep the feet insulated and let them enjoy breathability while wrapping around your feet. Because of being breathable, your feet remain dry and fresh, therefore, you get to enjoy maximum comfort. Saucony also adds numerous tiny holes and layers of fabric in some of their running-shoe models so that the runners are always comfortable.


From uppers to outsoles, the Saucony shoes are designed to be supportive. Some shoes have supportive uppers that keep your feet secure from external objects. The insoles, midsoles, and outsoles play a combined big role to enhance the support. For example- Saucony RIDE shoes are best for arch and ankle support due to their alleviated collar that wraps your feet and protects them at the same time. Shoes like these also add stability to your feet, so you can run like wind and never look back.


This is another important factor you want in your walking or running shoes. But many of us often forget that. Saucony shoes can provide a great deal of relative adaptability. Whatever your unique walking or running style is, Saucony shoes adapt that as soon as you put them on.


One of Saucony’s most successful features in running shoes is their VERSARUN Cushioning system which you can find in the Excursion, Cohesion, and Shift lines. Well-recognized for the comfort it provides. Plus, it also protects you from bad impacts and dangerous hazards. The rebound is also great. Thanks to their super cool cushioning system that is really good at absorbing shocks.


Indeed, Saucony shoes are durable. But durable doesn’t mean the shoes have to be hard and difficult to bend. You can bend your toes and feet any way you want and the shoes will flex just accordingly. They won’t pull your feet back or down and will cause no interruption to your natural walking and running.

Gait correcting Shoes:

Saucony has shoes for all types of feet and running/walking motion. Whether you overpronate or underpronate, Saucony has shoes for everyone. Their shoes help overpronators and underpronators to step better. Those shoes also correct their gait and motion over time which is an extraordinary benefit of wearing Saucony shoes.

Traction and Grip:

Trail running shoes like the Excursions have 6 mm lugs attached in the outer soles. The lugs and the soles ensure necessary traction and grip as you run in the wilderness.

Technological Advancement:

Saucony is always one step ahead of making their shoes technologically advanced. They come up with all the new to newer technology to meet the market demands. Some of their shoes’ technologies are- FORMFIT (upgraded version of ISOFIT), PWRRUN foam, PWRTRAC lugs, EVERUN, POWERGRID, PRO-LOCK, etc.

Some Cons of Saucony Shoes:

Nothing in this world comes with 100% positive qualities. And just like that, Saucony shoes have some downsides too. Some of the cons of Saucony shoes are-

  • Some Saucony models come in a medium to high slope design. This happens due to the extra padding those shoes have starting from the heel towards the toes. The heel area has more padding in comparison to the toes.
  • Some athletes have mentioned that their shoes felt tighter in the toe-box. These athletes had wider feet.
  • As per ASCM standards, men’s shoes have to be between 9-11 Oz. And the Women’s shoes have to be between 7-9 Oz. Unfortunately, Saucony has some shoes that are heavier than this weight range.


Shoes that can make you feel energized are a blessing. Saucony has achieved success in that part. From beginners to pro-level runners/athletes everyone can wear Saucony shoes. Moreover, their shoes are comparatively affordable. Despite some issues, Saucony shoes are hard to ignore. Plus, they will last the milage for their greatness. You should own at least one pair of Saucony shoes, and if you enjoy wearing them, you’ll be back for more, it’s guaranteed



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