Best Hiking Boots for Mountains [Updated for 2022]

Best hiking boots for mountainsStomping on the rocky road and mountain hiking might be really amazing, but have you ever felt immense satisfaction with each step you took? Did your feet felt the equal pleasure your mind felt? If no, it was your boots you should blame, not your lack of energy or exhaustion. Finding the best hiking boots is often very hard. Hiking boots that are best for the mountains need to be top-notch. Your everyday running shoes, comfy leather boots aren’t enough. Hiking boots that have proper padding, size, shape, and design will the best hiking boot for mountains and an absolute lifesaver for you. So, we are here for you to find the best mountain hiking boot.

Best Hiking Boots for Mountains: Top 5 Reviewed

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot

One of Columbia Sportswear’s best hiking boots for mountains is Men’s Newton Ridge™ Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot. The key feature of the boots lies within the name which is being waterproof. The polyurethane (PU) leather coat keeps the boots impervious to water, rain, and even dirt. Hence, the upper part of the boot has leather, mesh and, suede.

Its Tech lite EVA midsoles give comfort and supportive cushioning to your feet. On the other hand, the Omni Grip Rubber outsoles are designed to be slip-resistant and protect your feet while mountain hiking.

What makes these mountaineering boots well balancing is the shafts that are 5” from the arch, the 0.5” platforms, and the heels that are 1.5” in length. The boots will keep you safe from getting a sprained ankle in any rough terrain. They also don’t overheat your feet in hot weather and keeps your feet warm in winter days. The mesh tongue in the boots maintains air ventilation.

The boots fit securely and have adjustable closure. Additionally, these lightweight boots come in 12 different colors and of course in all sizes. This gives you plenty of options to pick the right pair for you.


  •   Long-lasting
  •   Imported
  •   First-class quality
  •   Bend proof
  •   Multiple styles
  •   Made with advanced technology
  •   Comfortable
  •   Good for regular use


  •   not scratch resistant

2. Danner Women’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot

The legendary Danner Women’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Waterproof Hiking Boots is one of the vastly popular hiking boots among mountaineers. The advanced and nicely designed boots are 100% waterproof and lightweight. The Danner Dry technology keeps your feet dry by ventilating the moisture.

The hiking boots are also super comfortable, thanks to their Vibram SPE midsoles and Ortholite open cell footbed that ensure maximum support and rebound. Your feet will be free of pain even after a long wear time. Moreover, the uniquely curved Vibram FUGA outsoles and TPU heels provide Megagrip and keep you from falling, slipping, or spraining your ankles. All of these characteristics make a pair of these boots the best hiking boot for mountains.

The beautiful outer layer of the boots is suede leather and Danner offers 8 different colors for this design. These double-laced hiking boots also have nylon shank that gives stability. Besides hiking, you can also use them for a run, in the gym, and even at the workplace.


  •  Durable
  •   Imported
  •   Stylish
  •   Comfortable, soft
  •   Well balanced
  •   Multi-purpose
  •   Nicely sculptured


  • Possibility of tripping on smooth surfaces (floors, carpets) as the rubber soles are very sticky, so, you have to be careful about that.

3. Oboz Men’s Bridger BDRY Hiking Boot

The Oboz Men’s Bridger BDRY Hiking Boots are Oboz’s signature boots. The distinctive key features made the boots every mountain hiker’s favorite. The Bdry waterproof membranes keep both inside and outside of the boots dry which are great for your feet.

These leather hiking boots are undoubtedly the best for their midsoles and insoles. The Granite peak midsoles feature TPU Chassis which makes the boots arch supporting and bruise proof. Additionally, the single-density EVA ensures comfort and cushioning. The molded OFit insoles help boost your performance during hiking the mountains.

The sticky rubber outsoles with 4mm directional lugs are friction-proof and slip-proof. The nylon shanks ensure maximum strength. No matter how rough the terrain is, you won’t feel anything but comfort; thanks to their 1.5” heels. The shafts are approximately 4.5” from the arch. These modish boots can be found in 5 different colors and all sizes. They are also well priced for their quality. So, if the features meet your needs, why don’t you make them your best hiking boot for mountains?


  •   Bend proof
  •   Flexible
  •   Well adjusted
  •   Imported
  •   Comfortable
  •   Moisture resistant
  •   Bruise poof


  •   not too lightweight
  •   possibility of overheating

4. Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boots

Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boots are one of the most good-looking boots in the shoe market. If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, these lightweight waterproof boots might be the best hiking boots for mountain visits.

Timberland’s boots are often considered the ‘ultimate survival boots’ for their extraordinary features and engineered materials. From the 100% leather outer layer to flexible synthetic rubber outsoles, these boots are exemplary to mountain hikers.

These exclusive boots have 5” shaft with 1.5” heels and 1” platforms. The unimaginable anti-fatigue comfort you will feel from these boots comes from the inner soles. The EVA midsoles have some inlays that give you the cushioning and help you from getting worn out.

Their TimberDry technology keeps feet dry all day. The gusseted tongue prevents dirt from penetration. In addition, these durable boots are also shockproof. Its seamless construction and eco-friendly rubber are also great for traction.

The Mt. Maddsen boots come in 5 individual colors and all sizes. Considering the incomparable quality, the price is also good. If you’re a hardcore mountain hiker, you must get these boots before your next adventure.


  •  Durable
  •   Stylish design
  •   Ankle protection
  •   Comfortable
  •   Made with 42% green rubber


  •   not scratch resistant
  •   no extra protection for toes

5. RAX Men’s Lightweight Backpacking Hiking Boots

RAX is pretty renowned for its mountain hiking boots. Many mountaineers swear by their absolute high quality, attractive boots. The Men’s Lightweight Backpacking Hiking Boots are one of their best sellers. The beautiful suede leather along with the unique Oxford Fabric lets your skin breathe. The stitches and the adjustable laces of the boots are also smooth.

The measurement of the shaft is 10” from the arch. The boots have extra padded collars over the padded tongues on the front area of the boots for extra protection. You also get anti-collision toe guards. Thus, both your heels and toes will be secured from getting hurt.

The insoles are as usual very comfy and kind to your feet. You will get maximum cushioning to help you get through the day. The rubber outsoles are anti-skid and multi-directional and great for traction. Moreover, they have special spiky outsoles to stop you from slipping and falling and these are all mountaineer’s first priorities.

As opposed to all the positive sides, there are only 2 separate colors for you to pick for these boots. But the price of the boots falls under the budget-friendly criteria which makes them a really good option.


  • Extra protection
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Imported
  • Sleek and modern
  • Breathable
  • Shockproof


  • Not water resistant
  • Not Secured and safe for rough trails
  • Cannot be washed with water

6. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boots

Under Armour makes some of the best hiking boots in the shoe market. Their UA Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip Tactical Boots are the ultimate boots for hikers undoubtedly.

The boots are extremely lightweight (only 13.88 oz). therefore, it won’t feel heavy on your feet. The Ultra light Micro G Eva midsoles ensure maximum comfort to your feet that also prevent the after hiking pain from happening.

The product is made with all the professionally engineered materials like synthetic leather, ripstop nylon, neoprene, rubbers in different density that has different functions. Being 7” in height, the boots support the ankle and TPU toe cap protects your toes from the external environment.

They also have oil, water, and slip-resistant rubber lug outsoles and the welded PU film prevents any liquid to get absorbed inside which is very important when it comes to hiking. The antimicrobial function prevents the presence of odor, fungus and bacteria inside the boots which is incredible!

Moreover, UA added medial side zippers so you can put them on without any hassle. Besides hiking, you can also use them while being in exposure for a long time. So clearly, the boots are not solely for the hikers and multi purposeful.


  • High-end quality
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy entry
  • Environment friendly


  • If used daily, they won’t last very long as the boots are designed to use occasionally and so you’ll have to be careful about that.

7. KaiFengMen’s Military Tactical Boots Army Jungle Boots

Yangzhou Kaifeng Shoes Manufacture Co.Ltd, situated in China, makes outstanding military boots. In a word, these boots are a great combination of durability and affordability.

Instead of manufacturing the boots with machines, Kaifeng handcraft their products. The nylon eyelet, flawless stitches, and the molded heels are all done by hands. These professional-looking boots are made from authentic cow leather, rubber, and nylon fabric which is amazing. Moreover, the boots have original YKK side zippers for easy entry/take-off.

The boots are water-resistant, shockproof, slip-proof, bend-proof, and most importantly, comfortable and kind to feet. The EVA insoles, rubber outsoles, and padded collars influence the quality. The breathable linings make the boots suitable all year long. Even though the height of the shaft from the arch is long, the boots are still very lightweight.

You can wear combat boots also for working, climbing, playing outdoor games, and even to jungles, to hunting, and to deserts. These hiking boots are basically ready for anything. Besides being multi-purposeful, these are possibly the best hiking boots for mountains.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Similar to police boots
  • Easy on and off
  • Affordable
  • Full protection


  • Lacks cushioning
  • Non-vegan

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I choose a mountaineering boot?

You have to keep 4 things in your mind before buying hiking boots. First, you should decide what type of boots you’re looking for. Whether they are for several days hiking trips or daytime hiking/mountaineering boots, or for regular use, secondly, select the components you want in for your boots. There are synthetic materials, PU/genuine leather, vegan/non-vegan, and many other alternatives.

Simply select the ones that match your needs. Thirdly, pick your types of insoles, midsoles, and outsoles. Decide how much comfort, protection, balance, and grip you want. Lastly, don’t rely solely on your usual size, and make sure the boots fit perfectly in your feet. And this is how you can choose the best pair of hiking boots for mountains before your upcoming trips.

  1. Why are mountaineering boots so stiff?

Stiff bodies and soles of the boots are for maximum comfort and stability. The more rocky or bumpy the surfaces are, the more you’ll feel the need for stiff boots. Most of the good-quality hiking boots are fairly stiff. Stiffness also increases the durability of the boots. They also protect your feet from getting hurt at any cost. No matter how sharp or radioactive objects you step on, your feet will be free from any injury. This is why mountaineering or hiking boots have stiffness. If your boots are meant to be used for uneven terrain, tricky terrain or  any kind of  rocky terrain, then they should have a rock shield – a special layer of material in the sole that prevents sharp rocks from puncturing through.

  1. How tight should mountaineering boots be?

A pair of great-fitting boots are everything. If you get the chance to try on first before buying, take the opportunity to find the best fit. After putting them on, put pressure on the toe area of the boots. If you can fit your index fingers and the heels inside easily, that might be the right one. But before purchasing, try to walk and run in the boots to check if anything is bugging you from inside. This technique doesn’t apply to online shopping. But you can always look for websites that provide the home trial option. If not, you have to check the size in inches/cm carefully to find the perfect fit.

  1. How long do mountaineering boots last?

The average lifespan of mountaineering boots isn’t too long. But mostly that depends on the build quality, wear time, how often they are used, materials, aftercare, and the external environment. The rougher the surface, the sooner the sole will decay; the more you will wear them, the more the durability will decrease. The more you will hike, the sooner you’ll feel the need to buy another pair. In brief, it’s totally up to you how long you want your boots to last. Although high end, nice quality boots with proper care may last up to 5 years or sometimes longer or 500 800miles.

  1. Do you need crampons for mountaineering boots?

Answer: If your hiking boots are stiff shanked with strong outsoles, you can install the crampons on them. You don’t necessarily need them for light hiking as the outsoles are already made to stay on uneven surfaces. They are also slip-proof and fall-proof. But you do need them to climb steeply, sloping mountains. After attaching the crampons, you can easily hike snowy mountains and even on the roughest and spiky surfaces and transform them into your best hiking boots for mountains.

5. Do you need waterproof boots for hiking?

If you hike in an area where the ground is often wet, like an area with lots of rain or snow, then waterproof boots are a must. Gore-tex and similar waterproof membranes are great for people who hike in generally damp areas. They also work if you’ll be walking over muddy, wet surfaces. However, they won’t help you if you’re walking through water that goes over the top of your shoes

6. Are All Mountaineering boots waterproof?

Answer: Not all mountaineering boots are waterproof. Some brands use waterproof sealants that later harden and turn into a rubbery texture. The waterproofing also depends on outer materials or the extra inside layer of the boots. The purer the leather, the more water-resistant power it gains. Therefore, we’ll suggest you check the components of the boots to be sure about waterproofing.


Whether you’re looking for hiking boots or mountaineering boots to make your hiking trip more comfortable and safe, we’ve got you covered. The range of options we’ve provided is truly to help you find the right pair of boots for you. Each pair of boots are significantly different than the others. Prioritize what you’re looking for, and with the help of the reviews, you will surely find the most suitable ones for your feet. Besides, the reviews are well researched to make your life easier, so do not hesitate to rely on them for your next worthy purchase.

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