6 Effective Ways Keep Your Feet Warm In Boots

how to keep feet warm in boots. As winter is coming, our main concern is how to keep our bodies warm and cozy. Warm clothes give warmth to your whole body except your feet. So how do you keep your feet comfy like your body is cold?

7 Best Ways To Keep Your Feet Warm in Boots

Here I have explained all the possible ways to keep your feet and toes warm wearing boots.

1. Wear Wool socks: 

Wool is an ideal fiber to keep you warm. It has several heat-blocking characteristics. Wool acts like an insulator and its main job is to stop air from entering inside. So wool socks are a better option to keep your feet warm.

If you don’t have any good wool socks, I recommend you to buy Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks. These socks are itch-free because they are a combination of wool and nylon. You will also feel ultra-comfort because they have superior cushioned footbeds in the bottom.

2. Use double layer socks

If your skin does not suit wool socks, you can wear cotton socks too. Cotton socks often don’t support sufficiently in chilly winter. So to keep your feet warm, use double-layered cotton socks.

3. Use Combo

You can wear a combo of a pair of sweat-wicking polypropylene thin socks with a pair of outer wool socks. This works well for keeping your toes warmer for winter walking. But make sure the combo doesn’t get too thick for wearing shoes. Smart Wool socks are a good choice for the wool layer as they are less stretchy and machine-washable.

These socks come in wide varieties of thicknesses. But you can just switch to single, yet thicker hiking socks made of sweat-wicking fabric. Another trick is to wear a pair of knee-high nylons as your inner layer. They add no thickness at all but provide the little extra protection you need to keep your feet warmer.

4. Try Winter boots

Invest in a pair of winter boots that are specially designed for keeping your feet warm. Winter boots are made of waterproof leather and constructed with insulation so that you will feel warm and dry. Unfortunately, they have one drawback. You can not wear winter boots in the mild zone or in the hot summer. This is because insulated boots are never suitable for summer as it will overheat your feet and cause excessive sweating. You can also use rubber boots for keeping your feet dry.

4. Wear breathable leather boots in summer:

Higher Breathability is one of the most unique features leather boots have. The leather makes the boots very warm. On the other hand, the breathable leather boots never make your feet sweaty. The boots’ specialty is that they absorb moisture. They indeed keep your feet comfy in cold but never overheat your feet in hot temperatures. Therefore, you can wear them comfortably in the summer.

5. Wear Boot liners

If you don’t like to wear socks, don’t worry. You have an alternative option to keep your feet warm. Boot liners are perfect alternatives to socks.

XTRATUF Bama Sokket Insulating Removable Men’s Boot Liners are pretty good as boot liners. These removable boot liners are made of a combination of acrylic fiber and cotton tricot, which absorb sweat. They act as an extra layer of insulation to warm your feet. To fit the liners to your feet, wear one size smaller than your usual boots’ size.

6. Use toe warmer

Many people feel uncomfortable with both socks and boot liners. If you are one of them, what is the solution for you? Yes, Toe warmers are there to save you. Toe Warmerscan keep your feet and toes comfy for a long time. This Toe Foot Hot Warmer can keep your feet warm for up to six hours. The main specialty of these toe warmers is that you can wear them without shoes or boots, even in extremely cold conditions.

7. Insulate Paper into your boots 

Many experiments confirmed that paper acts as an excellent insulator. In order to have paper insulation, first, wear your regular socks. Then take a piece of paper and wrap your feet with it. After that, wear a boot. Repeat the process on the other feet. Though you might feel weird while wearing for the first few times. But eventually, you will get used to it for its excellent performance of keeping your feet surprisingly warm. So, just wait till you are accustomed to it.

8. Try Thermal Insole

Thermal insole give you that extra heat and comfort when it’s cold outside. They insulate your feet from the cold ground that tends to transfer to your feet. You can easily get a thermally insoles from online market places and insert them in your boots, feel the warmth!


Doesn’t matter if you’re in an arctic zone or in a cold zone, I got you covered. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Just pick the one you know will be the best for you. Even if there’s a sudden change in weather do not worry about the comfortability of your feet. All these processes are good enough to get the job done and keep your feet safe and secure.

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