Can Fleas Live in Shoes & How to Kill Them?

fleas in shoesFleas are one of the worst insects to have in your household. They can come from any infested house or furry animals. As per their preferred habitat, fleas can live on furry animals’ skin. They also can live in your velvety rugs and carpets. And, worst of all fleabites are extremely painful. The bitten area can get sore and badly itchy. That’s why you need to be careful and know whether fleas can live on your shoes or not.   

Now the question is that can fleas live shoes? Fleas cannot possibly live in shoes or on clothes. It doesn’t fall under their natural habitat. But they can use shoes as a medium to travel. Fleas can live on the soft furnishing or carpets. So when they are using your shoes as media, they’re just trying to get to a place where they can settle down and lay more eggs.

How can fleas attack in Shoes?

The most common type of fleas that can be found in your shoes is the sand fleas. You can get them from the beach or places where there was a colony. Indeed, fleas can’t live in your shoes but they can use your shoes as a host to lay eggs. Later the eggs can turn into fully grown insects and you’ll probably feel them crawling in your shoes. Worst case scenario: the fleas in your shoes can crawl up your body and bite in various places. This horrifying insect can carry diseases and due to fleabites your bitten area can get badly infected and you can have diseases like- typhus, fever, etc.         

How to get fleas out of shoes?

Fleabites can lead to serious health issues. As mentioned before, they cannot live in your shoes. But if they somehow get there, you know they can start laying eggs. That’s why you need to keep your shoes as clean as possible so that fleas cannot even dare to get close to your shoes. In case they are already in there, here’s how you can get fleas out of the shoes:

Keep shoes outdoor:

After a long day when you return home make sure you keep your dirty shoes outside the house. This is because fleas can get carried with your shoes and if you enter into the home wearing that, your house will get infested in a day or two. If you keep your dirty shoes outside the home for a while, they will leave the place because they cannot live in your shoes. Make sure you clean that shoe before you put them on again.

Keep shoes in sun:

Sunlight is fleas’ biggest enemy. They cannot tolerate sunlight. So what you can do is- after returning home or when you dry your wet shoes, you can put your shoes under direct sunlight. But, wait! If your shoes’ label says to keep them out of the sun, then you need to follow some other ways to get fleas out.

Steam cleaning:

If you own or have access to a steam cleaner use that to get rid of the fleas. Steam kills the fleas immediately.

Insect repellent:

You can buy Flea repellent and spay on the shoes before putting them on and after taking them off. If you don’t have one, I recommend Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray for your shoes as it is one of the best in the market. This will keep your shoes safe from any bugs.

Banging or shaking:

If you can visibly see fleas on your shoes then you can try the easy shoe shaking or banging method. First, put on the hand gloves. Then grab your shoes and shake them well. You can also bang the heels of both shoes together. As fleas can’t stick to the shoes, tapping or banging will definitely get them out. After you get them out you can machine wash your shoes, or spray your footwear with flea repellent followed by disinfectant sprays.

Try these easy methods today if you think you have fleas in your shoes!  


Shoes can be a great place for fleas to hide and they can bite your feet, toes and other parts of the body. To reduce the chance of getting attacked by fleas, your feet, socks, and shoes neat and clean. Wipe and brush them from time to time so you don’t get them in your shoes in the first place. You can also check here how to get out flees from clothes Good luck and always be safe!

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