Can scabies live in shoes & How to Kill Them?

scrabies in shoesScabies is one of the most contagious mites to this day. You can get infected by scabies faster than you can imagine. Oftentimes the symptoms of scabies are that you’ll get an extremely itchy rash on the bitten parts of your body. And yes, like any other parts of your body, they can infest your feet, through sock and shoes. Sounds scary, right? Well, don’t worry. With proper precaution and prevention, you can easily keep your shoes away from scabies’ attack. 

Can scabies live in shoes?

Yes, scabies can live in your shoes and start laying eggs there. ? If you live in a humid country or state, the scabies mites are more likely to survive in your shoes. They can live there long enough to start reproduction.

You’ll be surprised to know how fast scabies can get transferred to you from an infected person, place, or any living and non-living objects. Scabies mites can get carried with your shoes and socks. Although it’s more common to get infected by this insect with the skin to skin direct contact. But why risk it, rightSo,

How long can scabies live in shoes?

Scabies mites can live in non-living objects, like shoes, for 2-3 days. Within these 2-3 days, they can lay eggs and hatch them in your shoes or socks. If the place you live has a humidity of more than 30%, you are at a big risk of getting scabies grown in your shoes.

Shoes that you have worn and kept in a humid and dark place for a or two is quite friendly for the mites to grow in number. If you wear that infested shoes again without washing, you can get infected by scabies. If you do not touch the shoes, nor wear it for a while, the hatched eggs (fomites) will use the shoes as a host and live up to 7 days (4 days is the average). Later when you put the shoes on without cleaning them, you can get badly infected and suffer Scabies rash that looks like pimples, blisters, red bumps, etc.     

How to kill scabies?

As mentioned before, you can be the carrier of scabies and bring them indoors. Your clothes, shoes, or even your body can be the mites host. If you notice intense rashes in your body or can see visible scabies in your shoes, socks, and clothes, it’s time you get rid of that horrifying insect as soon as possible. Here’s how you can kill scabies:

  1. Do you know essential oils or natural herbal oils can keep scabies away? Ingredients like- Clove oil, Neem oil, Oregano oil, Tea tree oil, etc can help you avoid getting scabies.
  2. After returning home, always disinfect yourself. You can use a disinfectant spray to spray on your clothes, shoes, and socks. Permethrin Clothing sprays work great in that case. You can also use this spray on furniture as well. To cancel out the chance of getting scabies anywhere close to you again, spray your shoes thoroughly. Make sure you don’t miss a spot. For shoes, you can use Lyzol, bleach/borax mixed water.
  3. If your living place is extremely humid, take your shoes and clothes and put them in a freezer. This will kill any living mites immediately.
  4. Take your laundry and put them in a dryer for at least half an hour in high heat. Set the heat to at least 40°C, or 122°F. This kills the scabies mites and the eggs. We would’ve mention washing and then drying but that is pretty time and energy-consuming. Remember, scabies can often survive dryers. So double-check your clothes and shoes for their existence.
  5. Deep cleaning is important for your carpets and rugs as they can hide in these places. First, you can spray some disinfectants and then use a steam cleaner and this will clean your rugs or carpet thoroughly.
  6. You can use alcohol pads, saran swaps to keep your phone, computer, tabs, or even your cars and doors handle scabies free.
  7. Keeping yourself neat and clean is also important if you want scabies to say goodbye. Cut your nails short and was your body head to toe and leave no spot. Wash your hands and feet after every one hour. Mites can stick to your dead skin as well. So you can exfoliate your body to avoid scabies. Avoid sharing clothing and towels with anyone. If you’re infested avid going out till you get healthy.

Following the steps will definitely help you kill scabies. So try them out today!


Getting rid of scabies can be quite difficult but not impossible. With good practice and proper hygiene, you can avoid them easily and remain healthy. Always keep your shoes clean before and after you wear them so they cannot live the shoes and infect you later on. Good luck!

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