Can You Wash Shoes With Clothes- Why?

can you wash shoes with clothesSometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have many clothes and shoes to clean at a time. But time is short in your hand. What will you do in that situation? You have no option left but cleaning shoes with your clothes altogether to de done with laundry as fast as possible.

But the question is, can you wash shoes with clothes?  Literally no, you can not wash your shoes with clothes. When you wash them together, it shortens your clothes’ lifespan due to the collision that happened between them. It can even tear your clothes.

Top 5 Reasons why you should not wash shoes with clothes

Do you think there is the only reason mentioned above not to wash shoes with clothes? No!! There are many reasons to know why you should avoid washing your shoes or boots with clothes. I am explaining the top 5 reasons for you. Keep reading. 


As mentioned above, when you wash shoes and clothes together in the washer, a lot of friction happens inside the washer. Shoes are thrown from one side to another and create collisions with clothes.

Generally, clothes are made of soft fabric, and shoes are made of hard fabric or leather or rubber. When you put shoes with clothes in the washer, they get entangled. Ultimately, it ends up causing the clothes to stretch, tear, or wear. You simply think when any hard object like shoes rub against any soft object like clothes over and over again, the soft material loses its strength and even becomes unworthy of using or wearing. 


You know shoes are prone to dirt as they are more attached to the ground. When you put dirty shoes with clothes in the washer, you may guess everything will be clean. Though it seems clean, actually, it contaminates your clothes more. Also, shoes can carry some worse stuff in the outsoles which will cause extreme contamination to your clothes. 

Cloth Discolor

Washing sneakers and new clothes together can also cause your sneakers to be spotted or discolored depending on the clothes’ materials. It always happens with newly purchased cheap clothes. Never ever wash your shoes with these types of clothes that weren’t washed before. Not all new clothes have equal quality. But who knows which clothes will bleed and which won’t while washing? So, just to be on the super-safe side, don’t wash your shoes with new clothes, whether it is branded or non-branded.  

Different washing technique

The shoe washing technique is completely different from washing clothes in the washer. They both need separate wash cycles and load size. Condition and water temperatures are also different while washing shoes and clothes. To get the best output, you have to follow the exact rules of cleaning stuff.  

On the other hand, Washing clothes is a little bit different. As clothes are made of soft fabric, it requires different washing cycles.

When you wash delicate and fragile items like lingerie and silk, It requires a lower speed of spins or tumbling during the wash cycle. And the wash cycle also needs to be shorter. It will prevent your clothes from stretching or tearing.   

When you wash casual clothes or dark-colored or permanent press fabrics, You should wash in four cycles, which are interchangeable. And you must use a medium speed wash section and low-speed spin in the wash cycle. Use cold water for dark-colored clothes and warm water for permanent press fabrics.

Washing shoes or converse are also different. Use slow or no spin speed in the wash cycle. Coldwater should be used while washing shoes. For forget to use liquid detergent instead of powder detergent. Because if powder detergent does not dissolve properly, it can get stuck in your shoes and leave a mark once they’re dry. 

Not made with the same fabrics

When you put your shoes and clothes together in the same condition, you expect both will be cleaned equally. But the truth is that one of them will not get properly cleaned unless they are made of the same fabrics. Even you create risk for one of them if the washing condition does not suit them. 

If you are not left with any option other than washing together, I have shown you the last option. Remove laces from your shoes. Fill water in the bucket and put some mild detergent. Soak your shoes with this mixed water for around half an hour. Rub both shoes top with each other and make your shoes clean. It is a washing machine-free technique to clean your shoes

In conclusion

Washing shoes with clothes will certainly damage either your shoes or clothes or both. You may not see the damage immediately but you will soon realize after wearing them. If you want to be risk-free, don’t even think about washing both at the same time in the washer. You can not compensate for this cost. If you have any hurry, wash them separately, once at a time. You can click here to learn more about how to wash shoes quickly

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