Can you wear leather boots in rain-How?

how to waterproof boot or shoesAre you worried about your new leather boots safety in the rain? It is true that rainwater can harm your leather boots or shoes, but that doesn’t mean that you have no footwear to wear during rain or have to go barefoot when raining.

We all know leather soaks water quickly. It can lead to premature damage to your boots. Now the question may arise in your mind that, can you wear leather boots in the rain? The answer is, yes, you can wear leather boots. But you have to take some precautions to protect your boots from water. 

You never know when the rain will come. Sometimes you can not even avoid your shoes from getting soaked in the sudden rain. So, what to do in a situation like so? There are plenty of options for that. Here we have mentioned all the possible ways to protect your shoes from water. Even if your shoes get soaked, you can see my article regarding how to dry your shoes.

Can Leather shoes or boots get wet?

Yes, Leather shoes and boots can get very wet in rainwater or waterlogged due to heavy dew or snowfall. They can be ruined if they get wet, but with a little care they can last for years. If your leather shoes are constantly getting wet, consider investing in a pair of waterproof shoes to prevent ruin.

How to Waterproof your Boots?

There are multiple ways to waterproof your boots. Here I covered the simplest waterproofing methods to keep water away from your boots.

First, remove laces from your boots. Then thoroughly clean your leather boots. Make sure that there is no dirt inside and outside of your boots. Next, use a shoe brush if needed to remove the dirt. If your boots and its soles are dirty excessively, place your boots in a small container with a maximum of one inch of water. It will loosen the crud in your boot. Then spray it with a hose to remove any remaining dirt. After that, use a damp cloth to dry your boots. Then air dry your boots in your room. Remember, never place your boor near to direct heat source or never dry your boots in hair dryer closely. It can cause premature damage of your boots.

The following methods are given to help you start the waterproofing process of your boots.

1. Use Spray:

There are a ton of options available for sprays to waterproof your boots. Just choose one of them from the market. Now, hold the spray can six inches away from the boots and spray to your boots with a thin coat. Spray them for the second time if needed.

2. Use Wax 

Wax is another effective method to waterproof your leather boots. Warm up the wax slightly with your hairdryer, and then wipe some wax with a cloth and gently rub it in your boots. It is a completely manual process. Therefore,the success of this method completely depends on your hands.

3. Apply Cream: 

The waterproofing-cream works the same way as wax. Moreover, you won’t have to warm cream like wax. Just put some cream on a clean cloth and apply on the uppers of your boots.

4. Use water repellent boot protector

Use leather boots protector spray to make your leather boot rain-proof. There are many options in the market. If you want a recommendation, I recommend you use ‘Bickmore Gard-More Water Repellent’ leather protector. This product not only protects your boots from water but also protects from dirt and stains. When you use it on your boots, it gives your boots a strong protection layer, which is invisible and still allows your boots to breathe comfortably.

5. Use Mink oil

You will be amazed to know the benefits of mink oil when it comes to waterproofing your leather boots. Take some mink oil and rub it gently on boot. It creates an invisible coat over your boots. It also helps your boots become more water-resistant. But be very careful to apply mink oil in your new boot. It makes the boot a lot darker than the usual color. Unfortunately, your boots will lose the original color. But on the bright side,the oil will not affect the new dark color boots.

6. Use Waterproof Boot Cover

If you have no problem to use waterproof covers on your boots, then it is perfect for you in the rain. USHTH Black Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Cover is one of the best covers in the market which are made for heavy rain protection. It will surely protect your shoes from premature damage caused by water.

7. Go for waterproof leather boots

If you don’t want to use any extra covers or artificial materials on your boots, wear waterproof leather boots. There are many available options for waterproofing leather boots on Amazon. If you don’t have any specific choice, I recommend you to buy Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot. If you want to buy waterproof shoes, Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Stormbuck Oxford is another good option in this case.

 8. Polish Your Shoes

Shoe polish also works like water repellent for shoes. When polishing a shoe, it will give you protection from moisture and thus protect you from water.

9. Use Leather Conditioner

As leather is a natural material, it can easily absorb water, causing the leather to crack and dry out. To help prevent this from happening you can try applying a quality leather conditioner as a water repellant.

Waterproofing is not the long term Solution

You should always remember that the waterproofing on your shoes from the factory is only temporary. The weatherproofing will eventually wear off, and you won’t be able to rely on it for long-term protection from rain or snow. You should take care of your shoes by using a good foot cream every day and repairing any broken shoe parts as soon as possible. This will help keep your shoes water-resistant and protecting your feet from the elements for a longer period of time.


You can not protect your boot from getting soaked in rainy season. Infact keeping your boots clean does not protect your boot. So the only way is to waterproof your boots. There are plenty of options to waterproof your valuable boots. If you don’t want to go to any hassle, just buy a pair of waterproof shoes or boots. But if you still want to try the waterproofing method to protect your boots from water, try any of these waterproofing hacks I have mentioned here. Although, in the end, you have to play the main role to protect your boots from water. If you aren’t careful enough, nothing can protect your shoes from getting damaged by water.

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