Do You Keep the Tag on Off-White shoes? Follow the Trend!

Do You Keep Tag on Off White ShoesVirgil Abloh (may his soul rest in peace) was one of the most visionary fashion designers in America. One of his greatest creations is his own brand, Off-White. The shoes and clothing of this brand are something you have never seen before. The shoes Off-White offers are some of the most exceptional-looking footwear you can find in the market. Besides their absolutely unique design and style, one thing that will steal your attention is the tags on the shoes. On top of that, there are so many controversies about this tag— whether to keep them on or off. If you already own a pair, do you keep the tag on Off-White shoes? Let us tell you what we think.

To put it briefly, it depends on your personal preference. As we all know there’s no rule in fashion. So you’re actually free to do whatever you think would look good on you. An Instagram post by the brand’s official account says, they are meant to be cut off. But you can leave it on if you want. So put on your favorite Off-White shoes and see if they look good with the zip-tie tags on. If you think they look a bit odd, go ahead, take them off.  

Choice is Yours and Follow The Trend

Have you taken a closer look at a pair of Off-White shoes? Have you recently seen any Instagram influencers wearing one? Well, then this might be your sign to buying one! Off-White shoes are extremely eye-catching for their unique look and design. The brand, Off-White has taken all over Instagram ever since Virgil Abloh posted a picture wearing a pair with zip-tie tags on. As he was (and still is) one of the most influential persons since 2017, the fans really dig what he is up to. So the picture gave some of the followers the idea that the zip-tie tags are supposed to be on as you wear the shoes.

Soon, the official Instagram page posted a video of the plastic zip-tie tags with the caption, “Off-White “HOW-TO”— the actual answer of what to do with the zip-tie.” Followers thought they are finally gonna get some answers and learn what they were truly supposed to do with the zip-ties. But instead of clearing the white shoes on the air they have left everyone hanging. Basically, what the video indicates is that you can either “Cut the tie” or “Leave it alone”. This means they are giving the consumers some options and room for creativity. So do what you feel like doing with the tags that are attached to Off-White’s footwear, apparel, and other accessories.

In the fashion world- “rules are meant to be broken.” You’re free as a bird and are allowed to do what you think is fun. Naturally, the video tutorial posted on Instagram shouldn’t be considered as a guide. Plus, it doesn’t even have a proper answer, so nothing to use as a guide in the first place. Remember, some of the greatest movements in arts and fashion started with a simple idea – but later it become much bigger than everyone thought. So you never know. You can leave them on, and who knows, people might start following you, even though it sounds silly. Just don’t forget to have fun.

What to do with Off-White tag?

Honestly, there is no rule you’re bound to follow with the tags of the Off-White products. If you want to cut it off, grab a pair of scissors and simply spin it. You can collect the tags if you want, as they hold the information of the product you have purchased. Those might be of use later.

If you think they look good as an accessory, you are welcome to keep them on. Not gonna lie, the tags don’t actually look that bad. But if you’re interested in our opinion, well, we would cut it off. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s really hard to blend into the Gen Z fashion and lifestyle. Wearing a pair of Off-White shoes with the brand’s zip-tie really won’t be our cup of tea. But hey! Don’t feel disheartened! Do what you think will make you happy.


Fashions are constantly changing. Back in the days, leaving the tags on would literally make you a joker and no one would take you seriously. But look at it now. Modern fashion has surely normalized every odd thing and made them aesthetic. Who knows what’s next! Probably wearing socks over your shoes? Haha, just kidding. Or am I? Have fun and keep rocking!

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