How to Protect White Leather Shoes from all any unwanted situation ?

white leather shoesWho doesn’t love the color white, especially when it comes to leather shoes? A pair of white leather shoes instantly elevate an outfit and makes you look sharp and high-fashioned. They boost up your overall look and style than the other casual shoes. You can wear white leather shoes with almost any outfit and look super cool as well as aesthetic.

But you might be wondering how to protect white leather shoes. Indeed, they get dirty and damaged faster than any other shoes. Therefore, being extra careful maintaining the shoes’ longevity should be your main concern. Here are some of the common problems and solutions we have included that might help you protect your white leather shoes.

How to protect white leather shoes from cracking?

Leather is more prone to cracking if kept in a dry environment for too long. The best way to store white leather shoes is by keeping them in a place that has a minimum of 40% humidity. If you live in a dry or cold environment that lacks humidity, you can buy a humidifier to keep your white leather shoes from cracking. Dry places absorb moisture from the leather and make the cracks burst open, which makes the shoes impossible to wear.

Now, let’s say you have already got some cracks on your white leather shoes. Well, how to fix that? It’s true that crack damages aren’t technically fixable but you can treat a crack to make the shoes look brand new again. To do so, wash the shoes very well so that it has no dirt or debris on it. Then, using a damp microfiber cloth or a scrub brush, wipe the entire shoe from the toe to the bottom.

Repeat the process on the other shoe and let it rest for a while. Doing this will bring back moisture in the leather a little. After that spread leather cleaner on both shoes and wipe them with a clean cloth and let them rest overnight. Stuff some crumpled paper or newspaper inside the shoes to hold the shape of the shoes, and on the next morning, apply mink oil to rehydrate the white leather. You can also apply leather filler with a sponge leave it on for 30 minutes. This is how you can easily repair cracks on your favorite white shoes.

How to protect white leather shoes from scratches?

White leather shoes get scratches easily and are more visible than other shoes. To prevent your white shoes from scratches, you can apply Petroleum jelly in a thin layer before you go out wearing them. Wipe off any excess and leave to dry before putting them on.

But if your white leather shoes already have some scratches on them. Fear not! You easily get rid of them. One way to do that using a white eraser. Simply rub it on the scratches. If you live in a cool dry place, make sure you warm up your shoes with a hairdryer before you rub the scratches with a piece of rubber. Another alternative way to fix the scratch mark is by simply applying white nail polish with a sponge and then brush on them with a dense scrub brush. This will bring back the shoes’ life again.

How to protect white leather shoes from dirt and dust?

White leather upper requires more protection and care when it comes to dust or dirt. Like any other shoes, it’s normal to get dirt on your white leather. The only difference is that it’s more visible which makes the shoes look dirty. You don’t want that, do you?

To protect your shoes from getting dirt or dust on them, you need to invest some money in buying a shoe polish, a shoe protector spray, shoe cream/conditioner, a piece of microfiber cloth, and a scrub brush. First, wash your shoes with soap water and scrub them gently with the scrub brush. Wipe off the water and let them dry.

Once they’re dry, a good-quality shoe wax polish to create a protective outer layer to prevent dirt to get stuck on the upper. Then apply a shoe protector spray or a liquid conditioner spray. This will bring back moisture in the shoes and will make dirt to fall off the surface and will ensure their fresh look.

How to protect white leather shoes from mold?

Molds are very common to grow if you store your white leather shoes in a highly humid place. So to prevent shoes from further damage, take your leather shoes outside and do the cleaning process in an open space. Grab a soft bristle brush or a microfiber white cloth.

Now, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and clean water and use that to clean the moldy places of the shoes as well as the rest of the body. Then let the shoes air dry and keep them away from direct sunlight. Stuff some crumbled pieces of white paper inside the shoes to hold their shape intact.

Once they’re dry, mix a leather saddle soap or mild detergent and mix it with water. Use a clean white cloth or sponge and clean the whole shoe from top to bottom. Clean the inside of the shoes as well. Grab another damp cloth to wipe off any excess soap from the shoes and let them air-dry. For further protection from mold, recondition your shoes using a shoe conditioner and this time, store them in a sufficient dry with a minimum humidity so that the molds don’t grow back. Remember to put on masks and gloves before you follow this entire process.

How to protect white leather shoes from the Snow?

Snows cause more damage to white leather shoes than you can imagine. If you wear a pair of white leather shoes in winter, make sure your shoes have the necessary protection. As snow can strip off oil and moisture from leather, ruin their shapes and discolor them, you need to waterproof your shoes.

Apply a waterproof leather spray on your shoes. You can also follow the crack preventive procedures to protect your white leather shoes from the snow. Yes, cold snow makes the shoes crack and wear off easily, as mentioned before. You can also polish your shoes with an oil, leather grease, and heavy leather conditioners to save them from the snow.

How to protect white leather shoes from Rain?

Just like snow, rainwater is white leather shoes’ biggest enemy. Our best advice is to never wear white footwear on rainy days. If you come across sudden rain unfortunately and get on the road wearing your white shoes, make sure your shoes have had prevention. And, the best way to prevent rain from damaging your shoes is by applying the water-proof spray. Make sure the spray has stain-repellent formulated in it. Spray your shoes once a week.

If you get water on them anyway, make sure you air-dry them as soon as you get home. Once they’re dry treat your shoes with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water and leave them to dry overnight to be completely dry. Insert some papers to hold the shoes’ shape and it will also absorb additional water from the shoes.

How to protect white leather shoes from Stains?

Keeping white leather shoe white may be difficult and stains are the most common thing you may see on them, Hence, protecting your white leather shoes from stains is very important. To do that, first, know where the stain mark came from and then act accordingly.

In order to prevent stains from getting on your shoes, spray them with a white leather protectant. This type of spray keeps the stain from permeating the white leather. Don’t forget to clean the stains as soon as you get home. Not cleaning them immediately makes the stains permanent and becomes almost impossible to get rid of.

After cleaning don’t forget to get rid of any excess product and air-dry them properly. For ink marks or marks similar to that, you can use nail polish remover to make the stains disappear. You can also carry a magic eraser with you all the time to wipe off any visible stains whenever you see on the shoes.


As fashionable and stylish as a pair of white leather shoes are, the more difficult they are to look after. You’re probably in a constant fear to ruin or damage them. But those days are over. You can easily take some precautions and prevent your shoes from getting ruined. Following the protection steps mentioned above will increase your white leather shoes last longer than ever. So wear them fearlessly and rock the day wearing your favorite white leather shoes!

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