How To Stop Shoes From Slipping Off: 12 Effective Tips

How to keep your shoes from slipping offEver had your feet slipped out of your footwear while walking or running? I think everyone has faced this awkward situation at some point in his/her life. To avoid such awkward moments, I will let you know some useful tips or hacks on stopping your shoes from slipping off your feet.

How to Keep Shoes from slipping off your feet?

1. Spraying feet with Hairspray

You will be surprised to know how many different roles hairspray can play. They aren’t solely for hairs. It will also make your feet stick to your shoes. Just spray your feet with Hairspray before wearing the shoes and let them dry. Follow the video tutorial to know-how.

2. Sticking the Soles with Double-Sided Tape

You can try to stick the soles to your shoes with double-sided tape. But the downside is that the more your feet are sweaty, the less sticky the tape will get. So, it will be better to keep a roll of tapes in your bag if you use this technique to keep your shoe anti-slip-resistant all day long.

3. Lining Shoes with Cushions and inserts

Use a ball of foot cushions in your feet that will adapt to your foot’s shape, providing proper sticky support to your shoes. It will also mitigate foot pain and minimize the pressure of body weight on your metatarsal bone. If one cushion isn’t enough for support, you can double that up.

If you’re still not satisfied with the sticky support, use shoe inserts on the back of your heels where it touches the shoes.

4. Wear Tights with Built-In Sole Grips

You can find various types of tights that have built-in sole grips attached to the feet area. You can simply put them on as an alternative to the previous thing and get a satisfactory result.

5. Putting something inside Your Shoes

Fill the toe box with some small pieces of fabric or newspapers or something you are comfortable with. These things make your shoes slip-resistant. Though it sounds weird, you can try this hack in closed-toe shoes. It is for those who don’t have a big budget.

6. Choosing shoes Half-Size Smaller

We only recommend this method for those who can tolerate pain while standing or walking that tight-shoes cause. Although it is not the best way to stop slipping in the long run.

7. Improving your walking style

Slipping is not particularly your shoes’ fault. You can also face that because of your walking style. This awkward heel slippage situation arises for High heel veterans. To know how to walk in high heels, please see the video tutorial here.

8. Use Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is highly recommended for those who slip because of sweaty feet. Simply rub your feet with some talcum powder. Your skin will absorb the powder after some time and prevent sweating. Eventually, it will reduce the slipping of shoes.

9. Wear Shoe liners or invisible socks

If you have pop shoes or invisible socks, you can try this method. Shoe liners are not the best way to stop slipping off all the time. But it works quite well.

10. Use Shoe Fillers 

If you want to stop your shoes from sliding forward, you can try shoe fillers. You can use them in the forefeet area of your shoes if you have room around your toes. Although, the product has both positive and negative reviews. Some people have complained that they hurt. But most of the people are satisfied with the fillers. As they’re a kind of foam, they aren’t too pricey. So you can try them.

11. Do not use Foot Lotion

If you wear shoes without socks, Don’t use foot lotion just before wearing your shoes. The moisture in the lotion will make your feet more slippery.

12. Lace your shoes properly 

If you wear shoes with laces, you have to be cautious to tie them. Remember to tie your shoes properly. Make sure your shoelaces aren’t loose. Loosely tied shoelaces can even lead to a major accident at any time. Here is a video tutorial for properly lacing your shoes.

Why do your shoes slip at the heel?

1. Wrong shoe size

This is a very common method for heel slippage. It can happen due to not wearing the right size of shoes. If your shoe size is bigger than your foot size, the shoes will not be properly fitted. You can not grip your foot properly inside shoes. As a result, the unfitting shoes can not push your heels in the back.

2. Hard and wrong shaped heel stiffeners

You may face this problem in cheap shoes. These kinds of shoes have internal heel stiffeners, which are hard and don’t fit your feet correctly. Moreover, they can also cause heel slippage.

3. New shoe Problem

Slippery heel problem arises in most cases of new shoes as they are hard. Leather shoes or rubber made shoes are hard when they’re new. The leather is usually stiff in new shoes. But don’t worry. Once you wear these shoes regularly, they become softer, and the slippery problem gets mostly reduced.

4. Height of Instep

The upper portion of your feet is called instep. The instep should fit snug to your shoes or boots. If you have a low instep height, you may face a slippery heel problem with shoes. So to avoid this issue, make sure to wear flat feet shoes.

5. Arch Support

Not having pro Arch support in your shoes can lead to heel slippage. Generally, people with high arches have a tendency to place pressure on the balls of the feet. Most of the shoes don’t have cushion support for that. As a result, it causes heel slippage.

6. Sweat & Moisture

People who are more prone to sweat, they are always tensed for their feet. Sweat is one of the main reasons for the heels to get slippery. When your feet begin to sweat, they tend to slide inside the shoes. Therefore, it causes your shoes to slip at the heels.


If you face your shoes slip off sometimes, don’t be bothered. This can happen to anyone at any time. Rather enjoy your walking or running. Your comfort is the main priority, so just focus on that.  Besides that, now almost all branded shoes have anti-sleeping features which were only in dancing shoes before. Your shoes are constantly slipping, you can take measures to prevent it too. There are plenty of methods I have already pointed out here. You can take any of these methods and stop the slipping from happening.

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