What are Closed-Toe Shoes and Why It is Better Option?

Closed Toe ShoesDo you have shoes that cover your toes? Yes, those are your closed-toed shoes. Shoes can also be peep-toed and open-toed. Of course, each has its own purpose. Today we will focus on closed-toed shoes. So what are closed-toed shoes as per definition?

Simply put, any shoes that keep all of your toes covered are considered closed-toed shoes. They come in several designs and styles with their individual purposes. Due to the beneficial factors of closed-toed shoes, many people love to wear them instead of open-toed shoes. The advantages of wearing these shoes are completely unavoidable.

Closed-toed shoes are basically any type of shoes that fully cover your entire toes. There are so many closed-toed shoes available in the market. Boots, sneakers, running shoes, gym shoes, dress shoes— these aren’t the only types of closed-toes shoes. Shoes like— mules, espadrilles, oxfords, pumps, ballerina flats, loafers, and all heels that cover your toes. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to closed-toes shoes. As long as your toes are not visible and covered by the toe-box of the shoes you’re wearing, they fall under this category.

Why should you have closed-toed shoes?

Do you prefer closed-toed shoes over open-toed shoes? Why is that? Do you like to wear closed-toed shoes, or do you wear them because you have to and not wearing them isn’t really an option for you? There are several types of closed-toed shoes and each has its own purpose in the fashion industry and in the professional field.

Closed-toed shoes are a requirement for construction and factory workers. It is also mandatory for those who work in a lab and in the hospital, especially medical practitioners. They wear closed-toed shoes for the sake of protection. This is why closed-toed shoes are part of the safety precautions in many professional sectors.

Are you more comfortable in open-toed shoes, like sandals?

Well, then closed-toed shoes might feel a bit constricted to you. Your feet might feel a little suffocated. If that’s the case for you, go for a pair of shoes that has open heels. These will allow better ventilation and breathability. But what will you do when it’s winter? Honestly speaking, closed-toed shoes are must-haves in winter. If you step outside on a snowy winter day without your closed-toe shoes, it will take only a few minutes until you get frostbites.

Benifits of Closed Toed Shoes

Besides wearing them on colder days, you should consider wearing them other times too. Think of all the benefits a closed-toed shoe can offer! If you don’t know already, let us elaborate.

Better protection:

It’s true shoes protect our feet. The places we walk or run in may not always be safe to go barefoot. Yeah, a pair of strappy sandals can protect your underfoot. But what about your toes and bridge of the feet? As mentioned before, to ensure a safe workplace and work activities, some professions require them to wear closed-toe shoes. So when you go for a run or a hike in the mountains, it’s safer to put on closed-toed shoes.

As our body release heat, these shoes might not keep our feet under normal temperature, but at least they will keep our feet from contact with hazardous elements, avoid getting stubbed, and partially protect the toes and the bridge if any heavy objects fall on our feet. Some of these shoes can even save your feet from hot water, harsh acids and chemicals, and superfine/nano-particles.

Sturdier Quality:

How long do you think a pair of flip-flips are? Probably one or two visits to the beach. You may have a pair of 2/3-year-old boots. But can you tell the same about a pair of open-toed footwear? So, it’s a totally different scenario with closed-toes shoes. They are sturdier than open-toed shoes. This is because they have better materials and more foundations. Closed-toed shoes last longer since they are more solid instead of being skeletal. Moreover, the chances of your sandals snapping is higher than a running shoe breaking. And, even when they wear off, it takes time to actually happen.

Great for Strenuous Activities:

Do you go to the gym? Do you jog every day? Do you play any sports, i.e.- basketball or football? Now imagine doing all of these wearing flip-flops. Do you think you can do them without closed-toed shoes? No? Well, then no explanation is needed. A pair of closed-toed shoes will definitely give you more advantage during physical movements.

Better Support:

Most closed-toed shoes come with padding (thin or thick). This protects your feet from developing blisters, calluses, or having scratches. They also absorb shock and offer grip and support so you don’t fall. Do you stay outside for long hours? Are you planning to travel soon? Or going for hours-long walks? Then you better put on a pair of closed-toed shoes.

Accentuates professionalism:

Suppose, you have an interview to attend. Now, what kind of shoes will you wear? Of course, it will be ideal to grab a pair of dress shoes or closed-toed boots and women would go for closed-toed stilettos. Why? Because closed-toed shoes automatically sharpen your look and make you more presentable for professional purposes. Therefore, closed-toed shoes are just the thing you need for a corporate setup.

Can you wear closed-toed shoes in the summer?

Of course, you can! Closed-toed shoes don’t necessarily mean they will have be heavily-padded hunting boots. There are many closed-toed shoes that are summer-friendly and ensure maximum ventilation and comfort. Shoes will open heels and closed-toes are great for hot summer days. Perforated closed-toe shoes, like loafers, pumps, ballerina flats, sneakers are great. If you want your feet to enjoy the breeze, oxfords, mules, d’Orsay pumps, and flats are also amazing options.

Final Words

We’re not trying to indicate that flip-flops, sandals, or any open-toed shoes are bad. Obviously, it has its own purposes to serve, but closed-toes shoes hold a high ground for their advantageous factors. If this article helped you have a better and clearer idea of what closed-toed shoes actually are, then we are honored. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. We will get back to you soon!

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